And We Are Off!

We did it!  After 9 months of prep, we finally hit the road!!!!  🙂

Life was such a whirlwind those first weeks of August that when we finally got on the road August 16th we took off a little bit like a mini tornado (along with the realization that we would need to stop for groceries to stock our cooler!)

We didn’t mean to leave you in the dust with the details.

We simply were so relieved to be on the road, that we went offline to relax and enjoy.  We spent the first 5 days in State and National Parks and other places where internet was nonexistent.

It was glorious!

For the first time in months, we felt like time stopped a bit.  We were able to immerse ourselves in the surroundings, take walks and be a family again.  The pace slowed down and life seemed as it should be – enjoyed.


We found a hidden gem along the Niobrara River in Nebraska – Smith Falls.



Smith Falls

























And found the best place to cook our meals, with very peaceful views.



Campsite view
















Then we headed out to western Nebraska for some fossil hunting.  We didn’t find any fossils this time, but is was sure fun to kick up some dirt and pretend we were serious fossil hunters.



fossil hunting NE

























One of the best things about exploring is that you find hidden beauty along the way, often in the most unexpected places.



desert flower
















If you look closely below you can see our tent set up on the hill and the moon over head.  The view was amazing, but so were the winds!!  At 1am after our tent had brushed our faces numerous times, we decided to move it behind the one lone tree and our van.  🙂



camping spot















Our next stop was Yellowstone!!!  That deserves its own post…



















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See ya soon!

The Brackhans


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  • Tobi Scofield

    Woohoo! Looks like a great start! Looking forward to hearing more:)


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