Q.  Where are you going?

A.   This summer we visited National and State Parks in the US, relaxed on a farm in Wisconsin and saw family.  Now we are in Australia until February 2017 with a trip to New Zealand sometime in the middle.  After that, we don’t know yet 🙂  This year isn’t about keeping an agenda, but about slowing down the pace of life and enjoying our time together.

Q.  Are you home schooling your kids?

A.  Yes.  We are super excited for our kids to be able to learn in a very hands-on way as we travel.  For the math and english etc. we are using the Critical Thinking Company.

Q.  Are your kids on-board?

A.  Ummmmm, YES!  They love it.  They love exploring new places and don’t mind living out of a backpack.  We have already seen some incredible changes and growth in them.  🙂

Q.  What are you doing with your house?

A.   We sold it.   We loved our home and our neighborhood in Nebraska, but when we return we will be looking for a house out in the country.  Besides, it is so much easier to be overseas and not worry about a house back home and if the gutters are clean and the lawn mowed.

Q.  What did you do with your stuff? 

A.   We sold most of it!  While it was a ton of work to go through everything, we are so happy to have less.  We love simplicity and believe in owning only that which we love.  What we decided to keep fit into a 10×15 storage garage.  The rest is in our suitcases.  🙂

Q.   How can you afford to do this?

A.  We have been self-employed for over a decade… (and we bust our butts)!

We started a music teaching studio Fiddlestick Music in 2007 and Summer is a holistic Health Coach and parenting blogger.

Since 2010, we have been using Internet Marketing to grow several different online businesses.

….However, it’s worth mentioning that for us, it’s actually cheaper to travel, than to stay home.  Yes, a blog post about this is coming soon… 🙂