The Trip Of A Lifetime

You hear people talking about their dream vacation or their once-in-a-life time trip and you dream about your perfect vacation, but to actually be doing it?  UNREAL!!!  🙂

To step off the plane and see this!!!!!

Ok, we will probably see the airport first, but you get the point.  😉

For years my husband and I talked about traveling more, returning to Australia with our kids and experiencing life to the fullest and now it is a reality!

It has taken some guts and a ton of prep work.  Leaving for a year isn’t something to take lightly.  There are more moving parts that one can even imagine.  Somedays I want to quit I am so tired, but I  know it is worth all of the effort.

Our kids are going to see more in a year than most do in a lifetime.  They will get to see the Great Barrier Reef up close!  They will learn how to be patient on the 13 hour flight to Sydney.  They will learn about another country and their culture as we spend 3 months (or more?) in Australia.

As a family, we will all learn how to navigate new things together and how to work together when we are all in the tiny space of a car as we drive throughout the US and in our little garden apartment in Sydney.


garden apt Australia


We will get to see nature in the raw, up close.

We will get to meet new people.

We will be tired, we will be energized and everything in between.

We will grow and mature beyond our wildest dreams.

And that is ultimately why we are doing this Project Gap Year.

This gap year is about growing, it is about realizing anything is possible.  It is about going the extra mile.

And for this, we will be ever grateful.

If you have always wanted to see and do more in life, I encourage you to go for it!!!!

It may not always be easy to leave your comfort zone, but it is always worth it.

So many families dream, but never think it is possible.


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May you be inspired through our Project Gap Year journey to see that anything is possible in life when you make a decision and go for it.




p.s.  Now it is your turn…

What is your  trip of a lifetime?

 What is your dream vacation?  

Share in the comments below and inspire us all to live a little bigger, a little bolder, and with a little more heart~


One thought on “The Trip Of A Lifetime

  • Ann

    Our dream vacation is to take our daughter to her roots in Ireland. We both still have family there, and it’s such a beautiful country. We may be getting closer to making that dream a reality, even by next year! (She’ll be 13). It’s not too exotic, but it’s a beginning for us. 🙂


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