10 Reasons to Shake Up Your Life A Bit

I think we all secretly crave a little adventure in our lives, but we get going on the treadmill of life and forget that we can actually get off whenever we want.

For most people, staying on the course, you know…the job, house, kids, school, soccer practice, etc. is natural.  Honestly, it gets quite comfortable.  Even if the schedule is crazy, at least you know what to expect.

But is the burnout that often comes with ‘staying the course’ worth it?

Here are 10 Reasons to Shake Up Your Life A Bit.

  1. The only constant is change.   Instead of thinking that the only route is the route ahead of you, take a look at nature for a little inspiration. The seasons change, the weather changes, nature evolves. Everything changes in life.
  2. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.  When you have to do something that is a bit of a stretch for you it makes you grow.  Studies have shown that successful and happy people aren’t stagnant, but constantly grow and try new things.
  3. When one door closes another opens.  Sometimes manually closing a door opens a possibility that has been sitting there waiting…and waiting…  Go grab it!
  4. You will meet new people.  When we put ourselves in new situations, naturally there are new people to meet.
  5. Get out of a rut.  We all feel like we get in a rut sometimes and it seems hard to get out.  The truth is, all you need to do is get out there and do something different.  Try something new.  Give back to your community.
  6. You only live once!! So many times we save things for ‘someday’ or ‘later’, but never get to them.  Do you bucket list now.  At list one thing!
  7. Inspire others.  You might think you are the only one who is craving more, but in reality most people are, but they just don’t think it is possible.  Go out there and show them, anything is possible.
  8. Find out what you are made of.  Fear keeps most people from realizing their potential.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You are already incredible, talented and amazing.
  9. Gain more energy.  Sometimes our energy drain simply comes from not feeling ‘alive enough’.  Chart a new path in life and you will suddenly feel a surge of new energy.
  10. Why not???  🙂


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Now it’s your turn, we want to hear from you.

What is your best reason to make a change and shake up your life a bit?


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Shake Up Your Life A Bit

  • Amber

    Fear definitely holds us back. It held me back for many years because I didn’t like change. But now I’ve learned to embrase it. It can be hard at times..but I’ve learned to push myself and I do find myself mich happier these days.

  • Amanda

    Love your post…you’re right, so many people get into a rut or routine in their lives. You need to shaken your life up and love a little before its too late. Great things don’t happen in your comfort zone.


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